The Egyptian Company for Gas Transportation and Delivery (Botagasco) sold 83.9 million butane cylinders in 2017, which is 20% higher than the 70.3 million cylinders sold in 2016. The company’s revenues reached around EGP 2.646 billion, according to Amwal Al Ghad.

These figures were announced during the company’s general assembly chaired by Head of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), Abed Ezz El Regal, in the attendance of Head of the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS), Osama El Bakly.

Botagasco’s Board Chairman and Managing Director, Ahmed Abdel Moteleb, reviewed the company’s annual report for 2017, pointing out that the company’s reached 440 distribution vehicles, 44 trella cars with capacities ranging between 770 and 1000 cylinders to transport cylinders from factories to warehouses.

Botagasco successfully increased its share in the market from 21% in 2016, to 25.5% in 2017, as it established two new warehouses, boosting the number of its warehouses to 174.