The petroleum-storage facility in Badr City is nearing completion and will begin operations in November 2019, according to the Head of Misr Petroleum, Mohamed Shabaan, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

The facility is currently 95% complete, Shabaan said.

The storage facility will have the capacity to store almost 26,000 tons of petroleum products upon completion. It will include two diesel tanks with a combined capacity of 12,000 tons, two 80-octane gasoline tanks with a combined capacity of 7,000 tons, three 92-octane gasoline tanks with a combined capacity of 6,000 tons, and a 95-octane gasoline tank with a capacity of 750 tons. The depot will also have a tank loading platform that contains six diesel loading arms, five 80-octane gasoline loading arms, four 92-octane gasoline loading arms, and two 95-octane gasoline loading arms.

Shabaan made the statements during a visit by the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla, to the site.

El Molla noted that the facility is part of the ministry’s effort to develop infrastructure for the transport, storage, and distribution of petroleum products.

The minister also visited the storage facility of the Arabian Oil Pipelines Company (Altube). The depot consists of ten tanks for diesel, naphtha, and gasoline. It also includes a lorry loading platform and is linked by an 86 kilometer pipeline to the El Tebein storage facility in Upper Egypt.