Egypt’s Amreya Petroleum Refining Company’s CEO, Ahmed Gad, announced that the company refined 3.9m tons of crude oil during fiscal year 2015/2016 in order to cover it output targets of petroleum products.

The company produced 1.2b tons diesel and around 1m tons mazut oil. Additionally, it produced 574,000 tons of petrol 80 octane, 94,000 tons of butane, 216,000 tons of kerosene, besides 64,000 tons of basic oils and paraffin wax, reported Al Borsa News.

Amreya Petroleum Refining also manufactured 56,000 tons of alkyl benzene, 26,000 tons of wax to be exported, 72,000 tons of special products, and 14,000 tons of toluene and medical oils.

The whole investments of the company during fiscal year 2015/2016 reached about EGP 217m.