The power-management company, Aggreko, hosted press conference today and formally announced its entrance into the Egyptian market, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

The company specializes in the rental of electricity generators to power operations at oil and gas fields.

“We do not offer generic solutions. We tailor the solutions according to the needs of each company,” Hesham El Shamy, Business Development Manager at Aggreko, said during the event.

The ability of the company to provide centralized power, combined with the relatively small size of its generators, promotes efficiency and reduces costs, said Max Schiff, another Business Development Manager at the company. 

The press conference was held at the British Embassy and was attended by the British Ambassador, John Casson, and the Head of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), Abed Ezz El Regal. 

“For the second consecutive year, Aggreko, a leading British company shares its global expertise in oil and gas with the sector’s leaders in Egypt, scratching new surfaces for mutual cooperation. We are always looking for new ways to support the Egyptian economy and today’s event reaffirms our commitment to remain Egypt’s number one partner. I look forward to celebrate new investments that can improve the lives of all Egyptians, not just in oil and gas but in a plethora of job-creating sectors,” the ambassador stated.

Aggreko has some crucial long-term investment projects in Egypt and is currently developing a permanent presence in the country, Andy Boyd, Aggreko’s Area General Manager, disclosed.

“Our mobile, modular power model will help support Egypt’s energy infrastructure with cost-effective, reliable power with minimal environmental impact. Oil and gas is a growth sector for Egypt, and an industrial sector that we have supported for many decades. We will showcase our capabilities in diesel and gas-generated power, as well as our commitment to local communities,” Andy added.

Aggreko is a Scottish company that specializes in the rental and maintenance of generators that provide electricity-generating capacity to oil and gas fields. The company has an extensive footprint in the shale fields of North America.