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Mediterra Energy Corporation: When the Track Record Speaks for Itself

Fortifying endurance while delivering excellence is one of the key elements of success within the energy industry, especially during challenging times. To say that Mediterra Energy Corporation is a living example of overcoming obstacles would be an understatement.

Cheiron’s Approach to Sustainability and Supporting the Community

With Egypt becoming established as a regional energy hub with a strong focus on sustainable development, the international energy companies have been working to assist the nation in meeting its commitments to respect the environment and promote cleaner energy sources. Cheiron is making its contribution to this story, as it invests to increase production at the same time as striving to reduce Green House Gas emissions, preserve the natural environment and support the communities it works in.

Built for The Energy Transition: Neptune Energy is A Business Built for The Energy Transition.

Our global portfolio is gas-weighted and has a significantly lower carbon and methane intensity than the industry average. That is especially important, as geopolitical instability highlights the need for more domestic production to support energy security, while the drive to decarbonize energy production and consumption gathers pace.

Methanol: Future-Proof Enabler for Decarbonization

Methanex produces methanol that is essential to everyday life today and a pathway to a low-carbon future tomorrow. As a key chemical building block or as a fuel, when made from renewable sources, methanol can help society achieve its decarbonization goals.

The Road to A More Sustainable Energy Dynamic

ESG in general, and decarbonisation specifically, are at the heart of Energean’s operations. The majority of natural gas that we produce in the East Mediterranean can be seen to be the catalyst for and foundation of a more sustainable energy dynamic.

Energy Crisis Reinforcing Two-Speed Energy Transition in The Short Term

The heightened focus on energy security and the rising cost of energy is reinforcing the difference in decarbonization speed between Europe and the rest of the world – according to the sixth edition of DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook. Europe, which can be regarded as the leader of the energy transition, will double down on renewables and energy efficiency to increase its energy independence. European gas consumption will fall dramatically as a result of the war in Ukraine. Compared to last year’s forecast, DNV sees the continent consuming almost half the amount of natural gas in 2050. Gas will meet just 10% of Europe’s energy demand in 2050 compared to 25% today.

Delivering Low Carbon Leadership

At COP 27, the eyes of the world will turn to Egypt as His Excellency President El Sisi hosts global leaders and identifies the next steps in the fight against climate change. Egypt is already delivering actions to decarbonize and shape the energy systems of the future. Within this drive, Bapetco is rapidly establishing itself as a leader in the sector by identifying and implementing techniques to reduce emissions through optimization, application of proven technology, and commercial structures. Bapetco and its partners are supporting the Ministry of Petroleum’s vision led by His Excellency Tarek El-Molla, with many actions already underway and exciting plans for the future.

Redefining energy efficiency within climate complexity

Transformative energy usage has become critical, and it presents an opportunity for oil and gas companies to not only transition to cleaner energy, but to also reduce wastage that results from flare gas. According to a recent analysis by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the world is struggling to progress when it comes to climate change outcomes and transformations.

ENAP’s Plan to be Carbon Neutral by 2050

Nearly 300 initiatives are being developed in Empresa Nacional del Petroleo (ENAP) in order to reach zero net GHG emissions by 2050 based on a new development model and a deep commitment to change the way of producing energy.

Fugro’s Seep Hunting: Innovative Method for Economical, Effective Exploration

Fugro’s seep hunting and geochemical campaigns are an innovative method for economical and effective exploration, especially in frontier regions where prospectively is uncertain. Using world-class scientists and research assets, we provide results that exceed those of standard industry geochemical surveys.

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