Zohr & ANRPC: Steam Blowing Case Study

Zohr & ANRPC: Steam Blowing Case Study

Zohr Steam Blowing

SAPESCO’s long-term experience in executing pre-commissioning services for process facilities has created confidence for its clients to execute challenging operations. SAPESCO has introduced steam blowing operations as a new service to the oilfield industry in Egypt, most notably at Petrobel/Al Gamil’s Zohr operations, and Alexandria National Refining & Petrochemicals Company’s (ANRPC) field at Wadi Al Qamar. It was a challenging operation and SAPESCO has achieved outstanding performance in delivering the required outcomes. Our team has pioneered the development of professionally engineered steam blow services.

Normally, complex projects require experienced and special contractors. SAPESCO is one of the leaders in the pre-commissioning services delivering superior values to its clients. During these projects, SAPESCO has engineered and performed several types of activities including steam blowing services.

The purpose of steam blowing is to clean the steam passages (steam generation package and pipe line) prior to the starting up of a new unit, and to remove any loose foreign materials, scales and oily materials remaining in the equipment and steam piping after installation is completed. This is to ensure the production and supply of clean steam for consumers, avoiding any damage that may happen due to the presence of these loose foreign material.

The completed steam blowing protocol was executed for the following systems:

  • The saturated steam system.
  • The superheated steam system.

Besides the normal cleaning operations that SAPESCO is delivering to its clients for more than 30 years, SAPESCO has expanded its scope of work based on the use of the steam.

Due to the frequent requests from our clients to perform steam blowing in their facilities and after many studies, SAPESCO has performed all technical studies and decided to support its clients by adding new value services.

To achieve a successful steam blowing, SAPESCO has the engineering capabilities to study the design and operation parameters for the required scope of work, procurement, construction and secure the qualified team for the scope of work.


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