Wild Well Highlights Well Control and Safety Solutions

Wild Well Highlights Well Control and Safety Solutions

Wild Well workshops presented well control engineering solutions to Apache, Eni, Shell; and their respective affiliates.

Wild Well Control aims at promoting the newest technologies in well control to the Egyptian market, as evident by a series of workshops that were held on April 8, 10, and 11, to bring and share their experience with key operators in the petroleum sector.

The three-day Lunch and Learn Workshop was held at JW Marriott’s Castle Club Ballroom, and gathered three of the market’s biggest companies and their respective affiliates. The first day was convened with Apache Egypt, followed by Eni and Shell Egypt on the second and third day, respectively.

“This is all under the scheme of sharing to be better. We want to share our well control experience with our operators to achieve better, safer, and more efficient operations to become attractive for investments,” Engineer Mohamed Amer, General Manager of Wild Well Control told Egypt Oil & Gas.

According to Amer, Wild Well is encouraging everyone in the industry to operate and implement a well-control risk management program, which helps identify, analyze, and mitigate the well control risk throughout the well lifecycle.

Meanwhile, Andre Abbasi, Wild Well Director and International Business Development MENA, kicked off the workshop with an overview of the company’s core services, from blowout and well control responses, to engineering solutions, unconventional interventions, subsea technology, risk prevention, and preparedness, all of which equip customers with the knowledge to deal with blowouts.

Whilst tapping into the past experiences of Wild Well Control, Abbasi offered an in-depth review on other product lines with visuals of offshore and onshore processes. Both Amer and Abbasi presented live demos and simulations for a blowout broached to surface, first experiments of subsea plume, and world-class well control engineering solutions such as FiFi equipment and debris removal.

“When you look at each of these services, they are not really complex they are actually very technically straight forward. It is all about understanding the ramifications of what you are doing and the big picture of what you are trying to achieve,” the General Manager noted.

Moreover, Abbasi highlighted the essentiality of having a well control team or blowout contingency to avoid making hasty decisions. These notification protocols streamline smoother operations, as having an active team that is well trained to take responsibility and respond in a timely manner puts everything under control, adding that it is always better not to leave anything to chance, as everything has to be systematic.

“Our workshop provides our clients with an opportunity to hear about Wild Well services and learn how we can support them in the region. It also offers an open venue to discuss issues and concerns they may have,” Abbasi indicated.

Wild Well is the only well control company that besides delivering top-notch equipment, has well control technical personnel, which is important to customers in Egypt, according to Amer.

Establishing a fundamental level of familiarization with well control related activities can allow operators to work in a safer environment. Amer further added  that the reputation of events that boosts the exposure of Wild Well makes the company better positioned to help its clients in the Egyptian market.

According to Dalia Tawfeek, Egypt Sales and Business Development Manager, the new mega projects in Egypt require an effective risk management approach. As prevention and response experts, Wild Well Control wants to share its vision to cover and support the Egyptian offshore and onshore operations.

“We are very committed to the Egyptian market because we can see very clearly that this is the start of a new era of massive expansion after the downturn in Egypt’s oil and gas upstream industry. It was obvious with the results of the latest bid rounds, and we try to customize our solutions for customers in order to really tap on their daily operations, and how we can help them doing their jobs in a safer manner with better risks avoidance,” Tawfeek added.

Amer concluded the workshop with one special advice for everyone. He said that the essence of any safe operation, and the reason why Wild Well Control aims to share their experience, is to make sure that everyone follows an engineering practice to prevent blowouts. He also urged everyone in the room to never compromise their well control safety or jeopardize their personnel as any danger could be avoidable with a proper process in place and training.

“Our take is that all of the operators we work with achieve a well control barrier envelope that preserves the company’s people, environment, assets, and reputation in that order. So throughout the well operations from planning to execution, to the end of well life, we have expertise that we can help pass along to these operators,” Amer told Egypt Oil & Gas.



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