What Huawei’s Technologies Can Offer the Oil & Gas Industry: An Interview with Huawei Egypt CEO Vincent Sun

What Huawei’s Technologies Can Offer the Oil & Gas Industry: An Interview with Huawei Egypt CEO Vincent Sun

Please can you give us a brief introduction about Huawei?

Founded in 1987, Huawei has more than 190,000 employees, among which more than 90,000 are R&D employees. We operate in more than 170 countries and regions. We have gained considerable recognition for our continuous progress. In 2021, we were ranked no. 44 in the Fortune Global 500.

Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, and smart devices. We are committed to bringing digital technologies to every person, home, and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. In the fields of communications networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services, we provide customers with a competitive, secure, and reliable end-to-end portfolio of products, solutions, and services. Through open collaboration with ecosystem partners, we create lasting value for our customers, working to empower people, enrich home life, and inspire innovation in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

What solutions from Huawei are helping transform the oil and gas industry?

Our digital strategy can greatly boost oil and gas development, specifically, it can help unlock more promising values, such as predictive maintenance, remote operations centers, dynamic energy selection mode, omni-channel retailing, and connected service fields. It can also improve the social values of the oil and gas industry — values including saving money, higher productivity, lower water resource consumption, and smaller carbon dioxide emissions.

Huawei has proposed “Leading New ICT for Higher Safety and Efficiency in the Oil and Gas Industry” and cooperates with industry partners to launch ICT solutions covering the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors to combine digital production with safety control and improve productivity.

These innovative ICT solutions include oil and gas IoT, digital pipeline, HPC & operations management, and smart distribution. Huawei’s oil and gas solutions have been applied in 45 countries and regions around the world, serving 70 percent of the global top 20 oil and gas companies

What kind of innovations can Huawei bring to the oil and gas industry in Egypt?

Huawei’s mission for the oil and gas industry in Egypt is to contribute in empowering OT and IT digitalization for oil and gas cycle in Egypt.

One of the innovations is that an enterprise cloud-based solution can manage and coordinate multiple data centers for oil and gas companies in Egypt. As a result, this will directly impact overall operational efficiency and eliminate resources wasting in the exploration process.

In the midstream process, pipelines are typically deployed across long distances, traversing complex geographies. Traditionally, manual inspection — which is both costly and inefficient — is required to detect and control security risks. Yet, a lack of visualized oversight or unified tools makes remote site management and the coordinated management of multi-vendor devices impossible. However, Huawei’s future-facing Pipeline Monitoring and Warning can provide midstream companies in Egypt with a secure, reliable, and uninterrupted pipeline communications system.

The system is made up of three key components: a backbone transmission system; an integrated solution for remote site power supply, communication, and Internet of Things (IoT) edge-device intelligence; and a machine vision security monitoring system.

Ending up with the downstream process; gas stations, as the outlet through which refined oil is sold to end users, are numerous and widely distributed. As a result, oil companies require various communication methods, such as voice, data, and video, to monitor and control efficient daily operation and management. Huawei’s high-performance routers implement unified access and management of High-Definition (HD) IP cameras, fixed-line phones, and service support systems. The solution covers oil product management, retail, surveillance, Office Automation (OA), and other daily services, unifying transmission of services and facilitating Operation and Maintenance (O&M).

What’s Huawei’s understanding in realizing digital transformation in oil and gas industry?

Digital transformation is inevitable if the industry is to address these challenges efficiently and sustainably. Realizing that such a change brings significant opportunities to oil and gas companies, digital transformation can drive the reconstruction of business and management models and can facilitate the innovation of new models entirely. Ultimately, digitization can help oil and gas companies evolve and increase value.

The digital and intelligent development of the global oil and gas industry is still in its infancy. The key fields being explored in the industry include smart exploration, smart oil and gas fields, smart pipe networks, smart refining and chemicals, and smart sales. The oil and gas industry needs to further integrate digital technologies and fully realize its digital transformation goals to boost reserves and production, improve quality and efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions. The industry has several requirements to enable this transition. Transformation necessitates a full-stack cloud platform, which can help energy companies migrate key business processes to the cloud and gain intelligence.

Effective data governance is also needed. Data generated by the industry is high in volume and complexity. Therefore, a unified data lake is indispensable to support data sharing and smart Big Data analysis.

Furthermore, digital transformation requires a device-edge-cloud intelligent production system, where production data is collected from devices, and intelligent management and control of production is implemented on the cloud.

Finally, strong service assurance is essential to achieve digital transformation. It is paramount to have a professional service team that understands both the industry and digitalization to realize these objectives.

As we know that ADIPEC 2021 will be held in Abu Dhabi in November this year, does Huawei has any plan during the event?

Yes, Huawei will host the Global Oil & Gas summit at ADIPEC 2021, under the theme of “Drive Data to Barrel, Embrace Intelligence to Grow”, where we will share the best practices for global leadership in digital transformation.

Huawei will demonstrate how we plan to support oil and gas companies’ digital transformation strategies and integrate digital technologies into core oil and gas business processes. In detail, Huawei will share the ins and outs of migrating oil and gas to the cloud, AI in E&P, computing power increase reserves and production solutions, digital and intelligent oil & gas fields, and more.

To learn more about Huawei’s solutions for the oil and gas industry, please join us in Huawei’s Global Oil & Gas summit at Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference 2021 from 15 to 18 November. Huawei will also showcase some of the most significant powerful emerging technologies in the oil & gas industry, sharing innovative new ideas and ways to use digital technologies reimagine energy systems in No. 3220 Huawei booth, Hall 3, ADNEC.


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