TransGlobe Paves the Way for Organizational, Cultural Improvements

TransGlobe Paves the Way for Organizational, Cultural Improvements

In light of moving its operations from Canada to Egypt, TransGlobe is training all of its leaders, executives, and employees to raise awareness on the necessity of improving organizational culture, as well as diving deeper into identifying key behaviors fit for different roles.

“TransGlobe is all about safely finding, developing and producing onshore oil and gas, and in today’s market, more than ever, we need a high performing team to make that happen. Our success and growth depend on the skills and competency of our team here in Egypt and we are committed to developing our staff further, particularly in the area of soft skills. I also believe that personal development plans are essential to making my staff’s ambitions become a reality,” Craig Robertson, Country Manager and Director at TransGlobe said.

Agreeing with Craig Robertson’s opinion, Shymaa Elhamy, HR Manager at TransGlobe commented, “TransGlobe strongly believes that its success is connected to its employees’ success, and because of that, we are dedicated to developing their career path.”

Wolfpack Holdings has been leading the cultural improvements in Egypt and the Middle East, helping leaderships create an environment of thriving mindsets, helping employees to be more productive.

TransGlobe reached out for Kelly Bone, Wolfpack’s CEO and Co-founder, in order to provide her consultation and vision in cultural enhancement sessions at TransGlobe’s premises in Maadi and workshops at Katamiya Heights as well as online sessions.

“To support all the initiatives, I felt that the process of self-development, self-reflection and soft skills improvement required an energized third party. I am confident that working with Wolfpack Holdings, Transglobe will be pioneers within our peer group in the Egypt oil and gas industry for team motivation and team development and ultimately people excellence  ,” Craig Robertson said.

Kelly Bone expressed that “working with TransGlobe has been an absolute life experience pleasure. It has been really nice working with leaders in the Middle East who really care about their employees.”

Additionally, Kelly Bone pointed out that “it has been clear that TransGlobe’s focus in Egypt is all about creating a foundation for success as they bring their center of excellence from Canada to the Middle East,” adding that “after working with them, I have really noticed that they have an open mind when it comes to leadership. I also noticed that employees are aligned with the direction that the leadership wants to go in, which is really exciting.”

Craig Robertson concluded “TransGlobe is considered an industry leader when it comes to low cost onshore oil and gas development and production, and organizational culture improvements are a key component of continuing to meet that challenge”.




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