Optimize Your Well Construction Performance with The Next Generation of Digital Technology

Optimize Your Well Construction Performance with The Next Generation of Digital Technology


-Nishant Raizada, Solution Owner for Real Time Well Engineering, Edge, and Well Activity Program

-Kenneth Lobo, Product Owner for Real Time Well Engineering

Oil and gas drilling is in the midst of an important transition, moving from manual to automated well operations management. It’s a big shift, but a necessary one if we are to make effective operational decisions and drill successfully. It sounds like a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be.

Keeping on top of real-time operations

Real-Time Well Engineering, a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud application, allows you to monitor multiple wells simultaneously in real time, using fewer resources, for safe, efficient, and cost-effective operational performance.

Built from the ground-up using ground-breaking computation, this smart system automatically detects rig state and seamlessly couples engineering and system uncertainty models in real-time closed looped systems. It also facilitates the automation of broader E&P workflows, and effective operational decisions, which can improve drilling efficiency and performance of downhole tools to reduce well costs.

Act in the moment

Automated, digital technologies empower faster and more effective decision making to help mitigate drilling risks and improve performance. Real-Time Well Engineering can help increase your drilling performance by up to 25 percent by automatically processing and analyzing rig state activities and associated drilling data to help minimize ILT.

With the ability to run up to 10,000 calculations a day, without the need for human interventions, Real-Time Well Engineering can re-compute drilling parameters using automatically updated models at a rate that would not be humanly possible using traditional methods. This is achieved with advanced modeling techniques using deep data computational physics/algorithms to help reduce the time and effort to perform advanced drilling analytics to gauge the level of uncertainty. What once would have taken days can now be accomplished in minutes.

This dynamic data can be quickly and easily accessed and consumed via single intelligent master dashboards that help improve data interpretation.

Stay one step ahead

Continuous, real-time monitoring of drilling data can enable early recognition of anomalies or deviations from plan and applies analytics to re-compute and re-calibrate drilling parameters. Real-Time Well Engineering can help you stay one step ahead and reduce uncertainty and enhance prediction accuracy by leveraging machine learning and AI to help mitigate operational risk for smarter drilling outcomes.

Deep data, physics-driven analytics feed various engineering models to train machine learning (ML) models and inform you of current uncertainty via microservices technology in the cloud. The Torque and Drag and Anti-collision models allow you to compare trends in planned well details and continuously monitor well positions.

Choice & Flexibility

The open architecture on which Real-Time Well Engineering is built enables choice and flexibility by facilitating the easy integration of other DecisionSpace 365 applications such as Digital Well Program®, another DecisionSpace 365 cloud application, as well as other 3rd party software. This ease of connection means that you can fully leverage your existing assets to analyze drilling efficiency and dynamically update your well program and operations.

Increase your operational performance

As an operator, you’re committed to drilling a well program safely and on time – but today, you must do this at significantly lower cost and with fewer resources. And, to mitigate risk and keep well costs down, it’s essential that well operations proceed with maximum efficiency.

The convergence of real-time drilling analytics, such as big data and cloud computing, and other digital technologies is helping make it possible to tune rig processes for optimal performance and longer producing life.

Real-Time Well Engineering, a key component in Halliburton Landmark’s Digital Well Operations DecisionSpace 365 solution, can help increase your operational performance by automating and optimizing your well operations, and help reduce operational uncertainty so you can focus your time on informed decision making.


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