Libya’s oil production

NOC Predicts Libyan Oil Production to Decline by Half

Libya’s state-run National Oil Company (NOC), has predicted that Libya’s oil production and exports over the next year and a half are set to nosedive to half of what was initially forecast.

Libya Production Drops to 204,000 BBL/D

Libya’s oil production continues to fall amid tensions in the area.

Libya’s Oil Production Comes to a Halt

Libya's El Shahara and El Feel oilfields were shut down on January 19 by a group representing the southern Libyan tribesmen.

Libya Plans to Double Oil Production by 2023

Libya plans to increase oil output from its existing fields to 1.4 million barrels per day (b/d) by the end of 2019 and 2.1 million b/d by 2023.

Libya Grew Oil Output to 580,000b/d

Libya's oil production has reach 580,000 to 600,000b/d, with the aim of reaching 950,000b/d by the end of the year. While officials are negotiating with western municipalities to yield an additional 380,000b/d output.

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