German company Wintershall is currently producing less than 10,000 barrels per day (b/d) of crude from its Libyan operations, compared with 60,000 b/d earlier this year, according to Reuters.

“We produce when we can … It is opportunistic depending on whether the (export) infrastructure is available,” Martin Bachmann, head of exploration and production for Europe and the Middle East, told the news agency.  “It could change tomorrow.”

The Libyan oil industry has been marred by years of conflict and political turmoil, and remains in a state of uncertainty.

“We have been producing relatively constantly at the moment,” Bachmann said, adding that production is currently much lower than in early 2018.

Wintershall operates eight onshore fields in Libya, in the C96 and 97 concessions located in the Sirte Basin, 1,000 km south-east of Tripoli.