Vega Petroleum Tested EGZ-1X Well

Vega Petroleum Tested EGZ-1X Well

An official at Ganoub El Wadi Company (Ganope) stated to Egypt Oil&Gas that UK’s Vega Petroleum tested the upper and lower strata of the new discovered well EGZ-1X in Gabal El Ziet area in Egypt. The tests were performed on depth of 120ft and 70ft and showed potential for producing 2,000b/d of oil and 1mcf/d of equivalent gas, in addition to 750b/d of oil to be produced from Balayam lower tank.

This comes as Egypt is testing oil in new layers in Mid-Balayam and South Ghareb as Vega Petroleum is expecting the primarily oil in place to reach 250m. Additionally, Trident Petroleum Egypt is conducting tests on the new discovery NG-3X in Northwest Sea Bird Concession. The tests were conducted on a depth of 20ft. The primarily results showed that the well has oil with API 39 degree quality. The company is further running hydraulic fracturing to test the daily production capacity.

Gabal El Zeit area lies 7km away from the nearest production facilities operated by Vega Petroleum in Ras El Esh field. Furthermore, the company expects production from the new wells to reach 3000b/d after perforation of all layers that contain crude oil, in addition to conducting necessary studies to facilitate early production.

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