Valero Restarts Crude Distillation Unit

Valero Restarts Crude Distillation Unit

Valero Energy Corporation restarted the crude oil distillation unit (CDU) with its refineries Meraux, and Louisiana, which the company’s production reach 125,000 barrel per day (bbl/d), according to Reuters.

The company restarted 135,000 bbl/d of CDU as well as restarted 50,000 bbl/d of vacuum distillation unit (VDU), in addition to 55,000 bbl/d hydrocracker and 32,000 bb/d reformer.

It is worth noting that CDUs break down crude oil into hydrocarbon feedstocks for all other production units. Additionally, VDUs refine the remaining of crude oil from CDUs, which operate at atmospheric pressure, at vacuum pressure increasing the yield from a barrel of oil. As for, the hydrocracker converts gas oil into diesel and other motor fuels, and the reformer creates high-octane components used to make mid-grade and premium gasoline from refining byproducts.


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