Subsea services provider, Unique Group completed the online steam leak sealing for Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefication Company (ADGAS). The service was completed by Unique Group’s On-Site Engineering division through its Wellube brand on the 2.4m OD heat exchanger flange leak along the pipeline, Hydrocarbons Technology informed.

Unique Group’s team designed and manufactured a four-piece ring clamp with a total weight of 3.14 tons. Flange gap measurements were taken after the clamp was mobilized to the site. The clamp lip was then machined to the exact size using the in situ machining technology. Once the clamp was installed, 150 gallons of sealant were injected to fill the void creating an effective seal, Offshore reported.

ADGAS, formed in 1973, is actively involved in the UAE’s Offshore Associated Gas project and Integrated Gas Development project.