TransGlobe Production Amounts to 11,009 bbl/d in April

TransGlobe Production Amounts to 11,009 bbl/d in April
Oil industry well pumps, nodding donkey rig pumps crude oil up from the ground on an oil field in the desert. Bahrain, Middle East

TransGlobe Egypt has  announced that its production averaged around 11,009 barrels of oil per day (bbl/d) in April and recorded 10,238 bbl/d throughout Q1 2021, according to a statement.

The company began production from SGZ-6X well located in the South Ghazalat concession, Western Desert, on March 21 with an estimated production rate of about 3,600 bbl/d of light oil on a 32/64-inch choke with 0% water cut. Soon after, the well was restricted to a field-estimated about 1,000 bbl/d of light oil on a reduced choke, to facilitate reservoir data gathering. Production then averaged at 188 bbl/d during the quarter and at about 996 bbl/d in April.

 The EDC-64 rig was relocated to the company’s concessions in the Eastern Desert to begin the 12-well drilling program in May. 

The company sold 171,900 bbl of inventoried entitlement crude oil to the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) for net proceeds of $8.5 million during Q1 2021.  The company has also received $10 million of accounts receivable from EGPC and an additional $1 million received after the quarter. 

The company still awaits the ratification on the merger of its three existing Eastern Desert concessions for a 15-year primary term. 


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