TransGlobe Energy Corporation has announced the completion of a drilling operation at Egypt’s K-45 development well, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

The well, located in the South K-field, was drilled at a depth of 5,831 feet and targeted the Asl A sand.

The well “encountered main Asl A sand approximately 66 feet structurally higher than the K-46 well and is structurally the highest well in South K-field Asl A & B pools”, the company stated in an official press release.

The Canadian firm also said that K-45 had encountered “an internally estimated 195 feet of net oil pay comprised of 120 feet of net oil pay in the Asl A pool (A1, A2 and A3), and 75 feet of net oil pay in the  Asl B pool.”

TransGlobe intends to complete the Asl B formation, also located at the new K-45 well. The company further plans to link the new well to production early May 2018.

TransGlobe announced in April that it produced 11,776 barrel per day (b/d) of oil from its Egyptian fields during Q1 2018, Egypt Oil & Gas previously reported.

The company completed drilling the K-46 development in the Asl B area in March 2018. The Asl B formation is currently producing around 45 b/d and has an estimated net oil pay of 15 feet.