South Pars Exports 4.4 MM Tonnes of Oil

South Pars Exports 4.4 MM Tonnes of Oil

Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ) exported a total of 4.4 million tonnes of oil products from March to June, according to FarsNews Agency

The export of oil products generated $1.09 billion over the three month period. 

The bulk of the exports consisted of methanol, propane, butane, light- and heavy polyethene, gas condensates, ammonia, sulfur, styrene and crude oil. These products were respectively shipped to China, the UAE, South Korea, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Egypt and Kuwait.

Head of PSEEZ customs office, Amir Abbas Hamidi, said, “The exports of non-oil products from South Pars Customs Department General is experiencing an increasing trend despite limitations and restrictions imposed by the US against the Islamic Republic of Iran.” 

South PSEEZ is home to the largest natural gas field in the world and subsequently is considered the main oil-exporting company in Iran.


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