Moroccan upstream gas company Sound Energy has announced finding gas-bearing sands in its TE-10 well located in the Tendrara area in Morocco, Pipeline Oil & Gas Magazine reported.

This discovery may lower the risks the stratigraphic upside in North East Lakbir, which has a mid case 2.7 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas originally in place.

Sound Energy announced on December the spudding of its TE-10 well which is one of three wells that the company plans to explore in its Greater Tendrara permit.

The TE-10 well has been drilled to a depth of 2,218m measured depth (MD), 209m MD below the base of the TAGI sandstone sequence, in an as yet undated section of mudstones and minor thin-bedded sandstones, with gas shows down to 2,070m MD.

The company has announced that the initial drilling of the well has resulted in a potential TAGI gross reservoir sequence from 1,899m MD to 2,009m MD and an initial net pay estimate of up to 10.5m, with an average porosity of 8%.

After finishing the drilling operations, Sound Energy will conduct a well test over the reservoir interval in February 2019.

The TE-10 well is located approximately 25 kilometers to the northeast of the recently awarded Tendrara production concession.