SDX Energy Company has made a new oil discovery in the West Gharib Concession, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

The company discovered 101.5 feet of net heavy oil pay with an average porosity of 20%. The oil is located in the Yusr and Bakr sand formations.

The discovery was made at the company’s Rabul 2 well. The company expects to connect the well to its processing facilities at Mesada.

In July, the company drilled Rabul 1. During the drilling, it discovered 14.5 feet of net heavy oil pay with a porosity of 21.2%. The find was in the Yusr sands.

“This was our final commitment well in the West Gharib concession and we are encouraged by the result, which reaffirms our view of the area’s significant development potential. The well came in ahead of expectations, based upon the results of the offset Rabul 1 location. The ultimate potential in this new Bakr structure is currently under review and will be better understood once the well is completed and tested,” the CEO of SDX, Paul Welch, stated.

SDX is an international oil and gas exploration, production, and development company that is based in Great Britain. SDX owns 50% shares in two producing concessions—North West Gemsa and Meseda—in the Eastern Desert along the Gulf of Suez.