Schlumberger and TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS) announced a new project to conduct a 2D seismic survey in the Red Sea, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

The survey is set to begin this month and be completed during the first quarter of 2018.

The companies plan to conduct a 10,000 kilometer 2D seismic survey, using new imaging and acquisition techniques to map the geological structures. The project will merge non-seismic and seismic data.

The survey is part of a larger agreement between Ganoub El Wadi Petroleum Company (Ganope), TGS, and Schlumberger. According to the agreement, TGS and Schlumberger have exclusive rights for minimum of 15 years to a 70,000 square kilometer area in the Red Sea.

“The unexplored offshore Egyptian Red Sea area is made up of large, untested structures and well-established hydrocarbon systems, which offer exceptional growth opportunities for oil companies. New imaging technologies are required to improve subsurface understanding and increase exploration success rates. The upcoming new multi-client 2D seismic acquisition program is the initial step in mitigating the complex salt imaging challenges of this unique opportunity,” The CEO of TGS, Kristian Johansen, said.