Sadara Launches First Polyols Plant in Saudi Arabia

Sadara Launches First Polyols Plant in Saudi Arabia

Sadara Chemical Company, a $20 billion worth joint venture between Saudi Aramco and the American corporation Dow Chemical, has commenced production at its polyols plant, which is considered to be the first in Saudi Arabia, Reuters reported.

Sadara has been declaring the launch of new plants in its complex; the company announced that it will be the world’s largest petrochemical facility to be constructed in a single phase. It declared the start-up of its amines plant last week, Times of India informed.

The Sadara complex consists of 26 integrated facilities in Jubail, eastern Saudi Arabia. The complex is capable of producing more than 3 million tons of products annually. Many of them will be produced in Saudi Arabia for the first time as the member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) moves downstream.

“The polyols plant is one of the last of Sadara’s 26 chemical facilities to start up. It is also one of Sadara’s 14 facilities that will produce specialty chemicals never before produced in Saudi Arabia,” Sadara stated.

It holds two units, or trains, which utilize propylene oxide and ethylene oxide to produce multiple grades of polyether polyols. The products are used in many industries, such as the production of speciality foams for trim and seating.

Previous statements from the company declared that all the facilities would be commissioned by the end of 2017.


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