Qatar, the world’s largest exporter of liquified natural gas (LNG), emerged as the single largest LNG exporter to the UK during 2019, according to The Peninsula.

Qatar delivered a total of 65 cargoes, amounting to 6.7 million tonnes of LNG to the UK  in 2019, according to state-run Nakilat’s first half 2020 report. As a barometer, in 2019 the UK received a total of 14 million tonnes of LNG, which is more than double from previous year (6.1 million tonnes in 2018).

Recently, Nakilat has undergone a large fleet expansion project in conjunction with Shell, with the second phase vessel transition’s fleet comprising 25 vessels when complete. 

There are 3 LNG terminals in use in the UK, which are: South Hook, Dragon, and Isle of Grain.