Pilot operation started at Zohr’s gas lab to analyze the natural gas, water, condensates and Sulphur produced by the field, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

The oil ministry described the lab to be “the country’s largest and most modern natural gas lab”. It added that it is Eni’s second lab of its type worldwide and it helps the field operators to make sure that the produced gas meets the standard to be pumped into the national gas grid.

The lap consists of two divisions: one for analyzing gas and the other for analyzing liquids.

The petroleum sector is keen on applying modern techniques and optimizing their use to increase production, Oil Minister Tarek El Molla said during visiting the lap.

The lab includes modern and developed equipment that enables engineers, chemists and technicians to make accurate measurements and carry out lab experiments for the Zohr field, oil ministry statement said.

Zohr’s daily production will increase to 1.75 billion cubic feet per day (bdf/d) by the end of the month. It is production will cover the domestic demand helping the country to achieve self sufficiency by the end of the year. As Egypt is planning to start exporting gas by 2019, the giant field production is expected to hit 2.7 billion cubic feet per day by the end of 2019.