Park Energy Acquires Archrock’s Operating Assets

Park Energy Acquires Archrock’s Operating Assets

Park Energy Services has acquired a certain lower horsepower operating assets of Archrock, according to Business Wire.

The deal strengthens the company’s strategic position in South Texas and Pennsylvania in addition to expanding the company’s client base.

“We will continue to pursue purchase and partnership opportunities with multiple providers as we look to consolidate a fragmented market segment and achieve significant scale from which we can provide a complete array of portable and quick-to-deploy compressor packages for natural gas production, oil production through gas-lift, and vapor recovery, both engine, and electric motor drive, all backed by outstanding service,” Tim Knox, President and CEO of Park Energy Services, stated.

Park Energy Services specializes in compression technology, which assists oil and gas companies in increasing well-production volumes –while reducing emissions by capturing vapors that would otherwise be vented or flared.


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