Oman’s natural gas production and imports surged by 0.08% year-on-year (YoY) at the end of November 2019, citing the Oman News Agency (ONA), according to Mubasher.

The country’s natural gas production and imports reached around 42.194 billion cubic meters (bcm), of which 3.8% of natural gas was used in industrial projects, about 26.087 bcm. In addition to this, Oman’s oilfields used around 8.886 bcm of natural gas, representing a 1.5% YoY increase from the previous year.

“The power plants used 7.028 bcm of natural gas, a decrease of 9.4%. The Ministry of Defense and Sultan Qaboos University used 55 [million cubic meters] mmcm of natural gas,” according to the ONA.

The non-associated production of natural gas, including imports, reached 34.550 bcm in November, whereas the oil-associated production amounted to 7.644 bcm.