Oil Ministry Spokesman Denies Rumors About Natural Gas Price Hikes

Oil Ministry Spokesman Denies Rumors About Natural Gas Price Hikes

Egypt’s Oil Ministry Spokesman Hamdy Abdel Aziz denied rumors about an increase in natural gas prices for households, which were recently published on social media.

The official natural gas prices were published across official channels in January, and hence all the rumors are not correct, Abdel Aziz stated on El Hekaya, one of Egypt’s nightly broadcast programs.

Abdel Aziz affirmed that prices are set according to consumption segments. For those consuming from 0 to 30 cubic meters, the price of cubic meters is set as EGP 2.5 since January 2022. As for the second segment from 30 cubic meters to 60 cubic meters, the price of natural gas is set at EGP 3.25 per cubic meter. Over 60 cubic meters of consumption is sold at EGP 3.75 per cubic meter.

Thus, the current natural gas prices are totally different from those spread on social media. When the natural gas prices or petroleum products prices change, the prices are announced through the Ministry of Petroleum and Cabinet press releases, Abdel Aziz noted.

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