Nigeria is currently planning to export gas to Morocco and other countries along the sub-Saharan region, Nigerian Watch published, citing the Presidential Committee on Fertilizer Initiative.

In 2016, Nigeria and Morocco signed a joint venture to construct a gas pipeline that will connect the two nations as well as some other African countries. In the agreement, both countries discussed taking further steps toward the promotion of a regional gas pipeline project that will connect Nigeria’s gas resources.

The Chairman of the Committee, Muhammed Badaru ‎Abubakar, said: “The Sahara gas pipeline is a project we are planning to transport gas [through], from here down to Morocco, then passing through many countries, and opening up the use of gas in those countries across sub-Sahara.”

According to the committee representatives, the plan will involve signing a treaty with several other nations as well, that may have the need of the natural resource, Today reported.