Natural Gas Treatment Station Begins Operations in China

Natural Gas Treatment Station Begins Operations in China

A natural gas treatment station situated in Akemomu Gasfield has started operations on the Pamir Plateau, with the aim of providing more natural gas for southern Xinjiang at China, according to state newspaper

Natural gas input from the field is expected to increase dramatically from 1.3 million cubic metres per day (mcm/d) to 3 mcm/d by the end of the year. Construction on the gasfield started in August 2019.

In addition to this project, two further booster stations were built in Aksu Prefecture and Kashgar Prefecture to enhance gas supply for southern Xinjiang.

This wave of construction is part of a project that transports gas from Tarim Oilfield to southern Xinjiang, helping ease gas shortages there, especially in winter. The project’s main gas pipeline was put into operation in 2013, with a length of more than 3,000 km, and to date has supplied gas to over four million inhabitants in southern Xinjiang.



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