Maersk Drilling company announced that it has been awarded a contract for the semi-submersible rig Maersk Discoverer offshore Egypt estimated at around $3.8 million, according to a statement published by the company.

The expected duration for the contract is 21 days and will start in March 2020, in direct continuation of the rig’s current contract.

The COO of Maersk Drilling, Morten Kelstrup, commented saying that “we’re pleased to add this additional well which firms up Maersk Discoverer’s schedule for 2020, meaning that the rig will have no idle time before moving to the Caribbean later this year,”

According to the statement, Maersk Discoverer is a DSS-21 column-stabilised dynamically positioned semi-submersible drilling rig which was delivered in 2009. It is currently operating offshore Egypt. Following the completion of the additional Egyptian well, Maersk Discoverer will perform its scheduled Special Periodic Survey, after which the rig will move to Trinidad and Tobago.