Production at Libya’s eastern Waha field has gradually recovered to about 75,000b/d after stoppages due to fighting and damage to the pipeline since early March, Zawya reported, citing an engineer at the field.

According to Libyan Express, the fights between militia groups affiliated with a rival government and other violence had caused a linked pipeline to become damaged, which reduced output since early March. The field’s total capacity is 120,000b/d.

In the past, technical difficulties and unreliable infrastructure have jeopardized Waha’s operations. Electric failures in the Waha and Diffa fields compromised 60,000b/d of production at the location, a Libyan oil official said in November.

Early May, Libya National Oil Corporation (NOC)’s Chairman, Mustafa Sanalla, announced that the country has built its oil production up to 760,000b/d and planned to go ahead with plans to expand production to 1.1mb/d by August 2017.

Waha Oil Company is a joint venture between Marathon Company, Hess Corporation and ConocoPhillips.