Iraq Raises Gas Oil, Gasoline Production

Iraq Raises Gas Oil, Gasoline Production

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil announced that domestic production of gas oil and gasoline has increased during 2019, Reuters reported.

The current rate of gasoline production stands at 14.

29 million liters per day (b/d), increasing by 24.4% compared with an average of 11.485 million liters per day in 2018.

Meanwhile, gas oil production rose by around 43.24% to 11.23 million liters per day from 7.84 million liters per day last year.

The growth in production is largely attributed to the measurements taken to raise the output of Iraqi refineries, some of which were rebuilt after being destroyed by armed militias, Reuters noted.

According to the ministry, most of the fuel produced in Iraq is directed towards domestic consumption.

Iraq’s crude oil production increased to 4.62 million per day (b/d) in July, recording its highest monthly output since January 2017.


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