Hassan Torbati, the Head of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) remarked that linking more homes and industries to the natural gas network has led to increasing the country’s liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) exports, according to Press TV.

Torbati added that Iran’s investments of about $4 billion in expanding its natural gas network to remote areas have been an integral step to save around $9 billion primarily through the creation of LPG export capacity, noting that replacing one liter of LPG with one cubic meter of natural gas leads to a $0.3 increase in export income.

Additionally, Torbati stated that consuming more natural gas by households and industries across Iran means more care for environment protection.

Thus, expanding the country’s natural gas network has enabled it to open new natural gas export terminals. Accordingly, Iranian refineries will be able to supply customers in countries as far as China with LPG.

Currently, Iran is exporting over half a million tons of LPG to China each month, pocketing more than $200 million in revenues.

Iran has been steadily and rapidly developing a natural gas network over the past year despite the US sanctions.
Yet, the sanctions have worked in Iran’s favor and allowed the country to increase its oil products’ exports, including LPG.