Iran’s largest gas field, South Pars, has commenced gas production at Platform 13C, the third platform of Phase 13, and has officially started sending feedstock to the refinery, according to the Tehran Times.

Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), who is in charge of overseeing Phase 13 at South Pars, reported that the gas sent from this platform to the onshore refinery currently stands at 400 million cubic feet (mcf).

Platform 13C is connected through an 18-inch pipeline to Platform 13A, and the extracted gas is sent to the 13A through an 18-inch pipeline, which is then transmitted to the refinery.

According to Payam Motamed, the operator of phase 13 of developing South Pars, the new platform has added 14.2 million cubic meters (mcm) of production capacity to the previous capacity of 28.5 mcm.