INJAZ Egypt, ExxonMobil Egypt, Orascom Construction Celebrate Success with 43 Graduates in ‘San3ety 2023’ Sixth Edition

INJAZ Egypt, ExxonMobil Egypt, Orascom Construction Celebrate Success with 43 Graduates in ‘San3ety 2023’ Sixth Edition

Injaz Egypt, in partnership with ExxonMobil Egypt and Orascom Construction, celebrated the graduation of 43 young talents who had successfully completed the sixth edition of “San3ety”. This initiative is dedicated to bolstering the efficiency of the technical workforce, aligning their skills with the dynamic demands of the Egyptian job market.

The “San3ety” initiative encompasses a comprehensive approach, delivering not only training to nurture personal skills but also enriching the participants with profound scientific and practical knowledge tailored to the technical specialties sought after in the job market. Furthermore, it provides guidance to ensure successful careers for these trainees upon their graduation. It offers continuous support to graduates by connecting them with various employment and training opportunities across diverse factories and companies.

In addition to the theoretical aspect, the initiative offers a comprehensive training program. The 43 participants conducted training aimed at enhancing life skills, boosting personal development, and instilling best practices in project formulation. Among these graduates, 12 young women joined their male counterparts in a dedicated program to master AutoCAD for engineering drawings. Furthermore, recognizing the global importance of English proficiency, all 43 graduates received specialized language training at two levels to enhance their linguistic skills.

On the practical front, these graduates received hands-on training meticulously designed to bring up their technical capability in specialized laboratories, outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, at the renowned Don Bosco Salesian Institute in Cairo’s vibrant Rod El Farag district. Training covered various specialties, including electronics, with 15 graduates (6 males and 9 females), technical training in refrigeration and air conditioning for 10 graduates, and 6 others specialized in oxyacetylene and arc welding. Additionally, 12 graduates received training in auto mechanics.

“Technical education is vital for economic growth, and it’s a core pillar of our corporate social responsibility strategy,” said Eng. Youssef Hafez, Board Member, Public & Government Affairs Manager of ExxonMobil Egypt, “We’ve forged close partnerships, with stakeholders who share our mutual interest, including Orascom Construction. Together, we initiated the ‘San3ety’ initiative in 2014, which has achieved significant success. Today, as we honor San3ety’s sixth edition graduates, in collaboration with both Injaz Egypt and the Don Bosco Salesian School, our commitment remains unwavering to enhance life and technical skills in Egyptian youth, paving the way for economic development.”

Meanwhile, Heba Iskander, Corporate Development Director at Orascom Construction, said: “We’re thrilled to witness the graduation of a new group of youth with technical skills that meet job market demands amid fast-paced changes in industry and the economy. In collaboration with our partners, we’ll continue promoting technical education, equipping young Egyptians with tools to excel as skilled technicians or entrepreneurs. We firmly believe in the role of youth, particularly technical education graduates, in driving economic development.”

Yasmine Wilson, the Managing Director of INJAZ Egypt, congratulated the graduates, stating: “The progress our youth achieved in the sixth edition of the ‘San3ety’ initiative fills us with pride. It fuels our determination to elevate the technical workforce’s competence, positioning Egypt among advanced nations. In the face of local and global economic challenges, we recognize that technical education is vital. Thus, our commitment extends to fostering an ecosystem that enhances Egyptian youth’s capabilities, empowering them to catalyze positive change in the industrial and technical landscape, locally and globally.”
Upon completing their training, graduates of the sixth edition received precise evaluations from initiative partners, including Kia Motors, Fresh Electric for Home Appliances Company, and Trane Egypt, in addition to assessments by Orascom Construction at various technical and practical sites. These assessments aim to ensure that trainees graduate with the necessary qualifications and standards required by the job market.


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