Grandweld Shipyards has successfully completed the construction and delivery of 10 boats to Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), according to Zawya.

The UAE-based company, which specializes in shipbuilding, ship repair, and engineering solutions, has constructed a total of six pilot boats and four crew transport boats for KOC.

“Both our team and KOC’s team delivered an extensive model test during the engineering stage to ensure the vessels’ compliance with the client’s requirements,” Jamal Abki, General Manager of Grandweld Shipyards commented.

Meanwhile, Sami Al-Sawagh, Marine Operations Manager at KOC Group, said that “the decision to award Grandweld with this contract for 10 boats was a byproduct of strong-ties between our nations [UAE and Kuwait]. During the past years, the two companies have completed four workboat-building projects. Those boats are doing what they are built to do with the highest efficiency and work quality in our export service ports.”

The deal terms were agreed in a contract that was signed in May 2017.