GE Power Company announced winning a contract to deliver turbine island equipment for Egypt’s El Dabaa nuclear power plant, Egypt Oil & Gas Company.

GE Power will provide the turbines through its joint venture with Atomenergomash, AAEM.

The company will be supplying the basic design of four conventional island. Moreover, it will provide four nuclear turbine generator sets, including the Arabelle half-speed steam turbines; and supply the technical expertise needed for the on-site commissioning and installation.

“As Egypt works to diversify its energy production and to support its growing economy, the El Dabaa nuclear power plant, equipped with GE Power’s Arabelle technology, will help Egypt deliver on their ambitious goals,” said Andreas Lusch, CEO of GE’s Steam Power, adding “today, the Arabelle is helping to deliver more than 20GW of power around the world and we will leverage this experience and know-how to deliver reliable, dependable and CO2 free energy to the Egyptian grid.”