Gastec Uncovers Plans of Vehicle Conversion to CNG

Gastec Uncovers Plans of Vehicle Conversion to CNG

Chairman of Gastec Abdelfattah Farahat has outlined the government plan to convert vehicle fueling system from gasoline to compressed natural gas (CNG), saying that the Petroleum Ministry is cooperating with several stakeholders including Gastec to convert taxicabs to multi-fuel (liquid fuels/natural gas). Al-Ahram reported on September 9

“Gastec converted 11,000 vehicles to CNG-fueled system, raising the total number of converted vehicles to 130,000, with a market share 47% which is the highest rate among all companies working on that score,” said Farahat, reiterating that Gastec is planning this year to convert 25,000 vehicles out of 50,000 operating with multi-fuel.

Farahat said the project targets converting approximately 140,000 gasoline-fueled vehicles to CNG, starting from September 2019 to the end of December 2022, with a total investment of EGP 3.1 billion. Further, he indicated that Gastec is planning to establish 100 CNG fuel stations across Egypt’s provinces.


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