Ecuador’s EP Petroecuador has announced that it will drill further 13 wells; eight in Tamboccha and five in Sacha to maintain production at 400,000 barrels per day (bbl\d) during 2021,a press release reported.

According to EP Petroecuador General Manager, Gonzalo Maldonado, drilling in Tamboccha will help the company to keep the production rate and avoid natural decline occurs in the field.

“In the case of Sacha, incremental production will be 2.500 barrels per day at the annual average. We’re also developing ecological access to Ishpingo to start working on Platforms A and B later this year, which have the respective Environmental Licence “, Maldonado said.

EP Petroecuador blamed drop in production occurred in 2020 on COVID-19 pandemic repercussions, oil prices fall, and breakage of pipelines. However, the company affirmed that it has taken the necessary initiatives to maintain production.