Eni Opens Two Accounts at Gazprom Bank

Eni Opens Two Accounts at Gazprom Bank

As deadlines for the payment of gas supplies are scheduled for the next few days, Eni announced the start of the process of opening two K current accounts at Gazprom Bank, on a precautionary basis (one in euros and the second in rubles).

This came after a unilateral request from Gazprom Export to amend the existing contracts between the parties according to the new gas payment procedure established by the Russian Federation.

While Eni has rejected those amendments, the company noted that it will temporarily open the two accounts without prejudice to its contractual rights, which still envisage payment in euros. This conditionality will be included in the payment procedure.

The company strongly reaffirmed its intention to comply with any possible future regulatory provision that may sanction gas trading or its current counterparties.


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