The Egyptian Linear Alkyl Benzene Company (ELAB) exports 72% of petrochemicals to the European market, as its linear alkylbenzene (LAB) product meets European standards, said Hesham Nour El Din, Chairman and CEO of the company, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

The company further exports its product to Middle Eastern and North African countries, as well as some countries in Asia and South America, Nour El Din stated during the general assembly chaired by Minister of Petroleum, Tarek El Molla, to review the company’s work in 2018.

In 2018, the company made several achievements securing fuel demands, including jet fuel, kerosene, paraffin, and benzole. ELAB successfully achieved its production and marketing plans, reaching highest LAB production in five years. The company further produced high amounts of the secondary product, heavy alkylbenzene (HAB).

LAB is considered the raw material used in the production of industrial detergents.