The Egyptian Linear Alkyl Benzene Company (ELAB) produced 116,000 tons of linear alkyl benzene during 2017, exceeding the planned output by 16%, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

The information was revealed by Hesham Nour El Din, head of ELAB, who added that the company successfully  covered the local market’s demands. The chemical is an important component in industrial detergents.

Additionally, the company further marketed its heavy alkyl benzene output into the market and exported the surplus. ELAB’s total export sales reached 87,000 tons in 2017, for $101 million. Almost three-quarters (72%) of the company’s exports went to Europe. The linear alkyl benzene meets European standards and is environmentally friendly. Another 25% is exported to Middle Eastern and North African markets.

Nour El Din also revealed during the general assembly chaired by Egyptian Minister of Petroleum, Tarek El Molla, that ELAB plans to boost its production capacity to 140,000 per year, and to establish a feeder transport line from Al Amreya Petrolem Refining Company.