El Molla Praises Petroleum Human Cadres on Labor Day

El Molla Praises Petroleum Human Cadres on Labor Day

In his statement to the sector’s employees on the occasion of Labor Day, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla praised the achievements of the ministry’s Modernization program, emphasizing that they could not have been realized without the availability and integration of all of the elements of success.

One of the top factors for the program’s success is the essential role that human cadres played in the launching of petroleum projects both locally and regionally, as they succeeded in doubling natural gas deliveries in the past seven years.

The sector’s human cadres succeeded in implementing the ministry’s strategy in terms of keeping pace with the state’s efforts in construction and development, El Molla noted. The efforts of these cadres were reflected through projects for the production and development of natural resources, refining and petrochemical projects, and infrastructure projects such as petrol, diesel and natural gas fueling stations, increasing the lengths of networks, and increasing the storage capacities of petroleum products.

Human cadres also had a profound contribution to the mining industry and the provision of community development services in the areas surrounding all the projects of the Ministry of Petroleum.

The minister expressed his pride in being part of this sector, which is characterized by productivity and discipline, as its cadres realize that they contribute to the country and its development goals.



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