Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, inaugurated a new natural gas supply station on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, according to a press release.

The new station is co-operated between the Natural Gas Vehicles Company (Cargas) and Chillout. It is built on an area of 600 square meters and includes 12 supply points to serve 1,300 vehicles per day, with an operating capacity of 1,800 cubic meters of gas per hour. The station is also equipped to double its supply points in the future to 24 points to serve more than 3,000 vehicles per day.

The minister has also inspected another new natural gas station, co-operated by Gastec and Chillout, and should become fully operational in the upcoming period. The station is equipped to supply 800 vehicles per day with an operating capacity of 750 cubic meters through 8 supply points. This station is considered the fourth of its kind within the partnership of Gastec and Chillout.

Both stations target to serve passersby of the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. The minister stated that the upcoming period will witness the inauguration of other natural gas stations as part of the ministry’s program to reach 1,000 stations across the country.

Currently, there are about 340 natural gas stations to serve about 380,000 vehicles that run on natural gas. He added that there are about 450 natural gas stations under construction and are expected to become operational during the next few months, in addition to ten mobile stations that have been contracted in remote areas.

The minister stressed the significance of the current cooperation with Chillout to expedite the implementation of new natural gas stations. He emphasized that the ministry’s program aims to establish 92 new natural gas supply stations in the Giza governorate alone to meet the demand for service.