The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Conference “ADIPEC 2021”, currently held in the Emirati capital, witnessed a special session on Egypt entitled ‘Egypt: The Gateway to North Africa and the East Mediterranean Energy Hub’.

During the session, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla reviewed the progress made by Egypt in turning the country into a regional hub for the trade and circulation of gas and oil. He asserted that it has adopted effective measures and fair principles that form the basis upon which the East Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF) was founded.  The forum works to help countries in the region make the most of out their natural gas resources.

Egypt adopts a clear policy towards creating stability and integration for all. This policy will be reflected in achieving prosperity, El Molla stated. He pointed out that Egypt’s success story is an ideal model on how the challenges of the energy sector can turn into major achievements, highlighting that political stability and economic reform were two key factors.

The North African and the Eastern Mediterranean countries have great opportunities to become profitable by adopting cooperation and partnership as a main approach to their relations. This will bring stability and prosperity to the region, El Molla noted.