Oil minister Tarek El Molla and his Jordanian counterpart Hala Zawati renewed an agreement that will allow Jordan to receive 10% of its gas needs from Egypt, The Jordan Times reported.

The two ministers did not say when Egypt would begin exporting the gas, howeve an anonymous Jordanian official previously said in late July that exports would begin in January 2019.

El Molla and Zawati also discussed issues related to electricity exchange and cooperation in the mineral resources field, mainly those pertaining to phosphate.

Egypt used to provide Jordan with 250 million cubic feet of natural gas every day, but these amounts started decreasing at the end of 2009. Exports were completely halted in 2011 after attacks on the Arab Gas Pipeline.

An initial agreement was signed between the two countries in 2014, but negotiations were put on hold due to decreasing production in Egypt that led it to become a net gas importer.