Egypt has the world’s fourth largest ultra-deepwater natural gas reserves with 18,852 billion cubic feet (bcf), Offshore Technology reported citing GlobalData.

The study projects global ultra-deepwater gas production to hit 15,985 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d) by 2025. This is almost four times higher than 2017’s 4,102 bcf/d.

The countries with the ten largest ultra-deepwater reserves have 96% of total known reserves, amounting to 207 trillion cubic feet (tfc).

Mozambique possesses the largest remaining ultra-deepwater natural gas reserves, amounting to 87,356 bcf.

From the MENA region, Israel and Mauritania were also listed in the world’s top ten ultra-deepwater natural gas reserves. The former has 28,079 bcf, the second largest reserves, while the latter holds around 10,000 bcf.