The Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla, reviewed the ministry’s strategy to connect total of 1.35 million households to the national natural gas grid in 2018 in replacement of butane, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

El-Molla reviewed procedures taken in order to boost the natural gas delivery rates and the volume of work in the activities of connecting households to the grid during the coming period, in order to keep pace with the ministry’s ambitious plan.

The minister further discussed the current situation in the field of natural gas delivery. The number of households connected to natural gas grid reached around 8.5 million units across the country, including 883,000 in Upper Egypt.

El Molla pointed out the importance of speeding up the pace of work in the extension of connecting households in cities, villages, and neighborhoods to national natural gas grid, focusing on prioritizing the implementation of Upper Egypt and densely populated areas.