A regular meeting chaired by Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla  indicated the landmark success of Egypt’s national project to deliver natural gas to households, which has reached 12.6 million housing units, 50%  of which were connected to the national gas grid during the past seven years.

This comes in light of the high annual delivery rates, which amount to 1.2 million housing units and presidential and governmental support for this project.

El Molla indicated that the current fiscal year and the coming years will witness a qualitative leap in this activity through the planned rates of the national project for delivering natural gas to households and the rates added through the distinguished presidential initiative, Decent Life (Haya Karima).

The minister further reviewed the current situation to connect the initiative’s 1,436 villages that are currently being developed, as gas delivery to 85 villages has already been completed and gas delivery procedures are underway to 241 new villages.