The Ministry of Petroleum’s Annual Safety Day 2018, held on December 6 at the Egyptian Drilling Company’s (EDC) headquarters in Cairo, brought together oil and gas leaders to discuss safety culture, leadership, and best practices.

The event, organized in cooperation with EDC and Apache, started with an opening speech by Eng. Mohamed Saafan, First Undersecretary for Oil Affairs at the Ministry of Petroleum, on behalf of minister Eng. Tarek El Molla. Representatives from EDC, Apache, BP, IEOC, and Shell also gave their opening remarks.

”The event aims to assure the safety of ourselves and our children,” said Salah Abdelkareem, EDC Chairman and Managing Director.

The opening speeches were followed by two informative presentations. The first one, presented by Chris Hawkes, Health, Safety and Security Director at the International Association of Oil & Gas Procedures (IOGP), introduced the IOGP lifesaving rules.

“Any one operator on their own can make very little impact. Working together as an industry, the impact we can make is much greater,” said Hawkes, stressing the importance of collaboration to assure safety rules are well implemented.

The second presentation, made by the President of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), Rixio E. Medina, tackled safety leadership and culture change. Throughout the presentation, Medina discussed what leaders should adopt to ensure safety procedures are applied.

“I like to define safety leadership as what we, as leaders, think, say, do and measure to prevent undesirable events that can harm workers and affect operational success,” he said.

The event closed with three panel discussions on health, safety and environment (HSE) culture change; HSE leadership practices; and operators/contractors partnerships to improve safety culture, respectively.

“Management must show their interest about HSE aspects to demonstrate leadership through measurable and visible actions such as setting targets,” said Sameh Sayed Abdelrazek, Assistant Chairman for Occupational Health at the EGAS.


By Mariana Somensi